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 In 1991, two historic groups in France, Rémy Martin and Cointreau merged into an international renowned corporation, Rémy Cointreau, which possesses a series of well-known alcoholic products including Cognac, Liqueur and Champagne such as Louis XIII, Rémy Martin 1898, Rémy Martin XO, Rémy Martin CLUB, Rémy Martin V.S.O.P, Piper Heidsieck and Cointreau .

As an expert in Fine Champagne Cognac, Rémy Martin has been hailed as the symbol of superior quality, image and status in the cognac industry. French Government has stipulated that only cognac with 100% adoption of grapes from the two best cognac regions in France, Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne can get the approval from the well-known International Wine & Spirits Law and Regulation AOC (origin nomenclature) to be named as Fine Champagne Cognac.  According to statistics, only 17% of the cognac in the world can be called Fine Champagne Cognac.  As early as 1948, Rémy Martin decided that all it’s products are required to use grapes from Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne.  Additionally, with the subsequent establishment of the Fine Champagne Cognac Alliance, 80% of Fine Champagne Cognac in the world is originated from Rémy Martin which further makes Rémy Martin becomes a leading global brand of high-end cognac.

Special material selection and masterly craftsmanship had accomplished the harmonious, abundant and long-standing taste for Rémy Martin. With the longer aging period, Rémy Martin created a velvet-like and delicate taste for consumers. The aftertaste stays even longer than ordinary cognac. With deep savor, you can surely distinguish the outstanding and excellent quality of the Rémy  Martin Fine Champagne Cognac.

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"Remy Martin" and all Remy Cointreau brands and logos are trade marks. "人头马" is officially recognized as well-known  trademark by the State Administration of Industry and Commerce of China.