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The Foreign Spirits Producers Association (FSPA) , a non-profit trade association, was established in Hong Kong in 1995 to represent all major foreign spirits producers. The principal mission of the association has been twofold: to assist its members to better understand and comply with the PRC's regulations governing imported spirits, while at the same time creating a fuller understanding of Western spirits in China at all levels, from government regulators to consumers.

Since its inception in 1995 the FSPA has met every year with Chinese officials from various ministries and departments to discuss wide ranging issues of mutual concern, such as the proper definition, labeling and packaging of foreign spirits, their market management, composition and geographical indication status. Moreover, whenever the Chinese government has published proposed regulations affecting Western spirits, the FSPA has filed submissions commenting on draft standards, in many instances making suggestions based on members' experiences with similar regulations in one or several of the more than 140 countries in which FSPA members sell their products.